Mission Statement

Roscon Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization falling under the 501(C)3 category, qualified as a public charity with approved programs, to wit: a) Scholarship Programs – collegiate, masteral and doctoral levels; b) Feeding, School Brigades and Slipper Project Programs; c) Festival Tour events; and d) Community Support Services. It names its activities to distinguish the authorities and responsibilities of each director elected to the Board of Directors. The Foundation, as of May 11, 2019, is seventeen (17) years old as a tax exempt organization in the State of Texas.

Our  Goals

The Foundation has formed an alliance with FILCON, Filipino Leaders Coalition Group, an organization formed to become the umbrella of all Filipino-based or Philippine-oriented non-profit organizations in North Texas to promote unity and cooperation among its members. The leaders of all non-profits are automatically members of the Board of Governors, mandated to vote on major issues presented to the FILCON Board for action or discussion. This in effect, will avoid duplication of objectives and distribution of projects among member organizations on a non-competitive level. Benefit the cooperating businesses…


The government recognizes that charitable and certain other types of organizations provide valuable community services that would be impossible for the government to provide using taxpayer funds. While the government can’t fully support nonprofit organizations, the 501(c)(3) code of the IRS classifies them as tax-exempt. Not having to pay taxes on donations and on the funds they raise stretches their dollars, making it easier for them to continue providing valuable services for the community. That makes Roscon capable of meeting it’s prime objective: “Food for the mind, for the body and the spirit.”