The concept of creating an organization to help people started with a pink piggy bank placed by the cashier’s corner of a small Asian store. For every nickle dropped into it, the owner matched it, Over time, customers started dropped a quarter and the owner matched that again. Pretty soon, the piggy bank started the scholarship of one poor student taking up a collegiate course at the Tarlac State University in Luzon, Philippines. Annual tuition fee at that time, 1999, was $70.00 a year. Year 2002, the name was created.

The name originally was created out of the first names of the parents of the founder. ROS stood for Rosario, her mother, and CON for Conrado, her father. The latter was the one who asked his daughter to carry on his legacy. The founder grew up in Tarlac with their
family businesses hiring indigents to work for them and go to school in addition to free board and lodging and school allowances.

In 2005, the founder exercised the role of an Executive Director to supervise the operations of the young tax exempt organization. Her communications with Roscon Foundation in Madrid motivated her to open businesses to support the Foundation. She borrowed their tagline “food for the body” and injected “food for the brain” for the scholarship programs. Then ended it with “food for the spirit” to signify its alliance with the clergies, ministries and non-profits doing charity work on the countries the Foundation will serve. So from 2005 to the present, the journey continued…

The Foundation has kept its promise to support other non-profit organizations in Texas. It has formed non-profit corporations for them, and at a minimal contribution to the Foundation, submits the tax exemption application for them.. trains them on annual governmental reports and supports some of their fund-raisers. We may not be able to support everyone, but we focus on small ones who really needed to be pushed up. The larger non-profits have giant corporations supporting them and don’t need the little alms from small non-profits. They should be the ones to support these small ones so they can achieve their objectives.