“Taking care of people who take care of people…”

The tax-exempt organization has done a lot of charitable work since its inception in 1993. It took nine years before the founders decided to apply for tax exemption due to the increasing projects over the years. The initial project of the Foundation was the scholarship program. In fact, its original corporate name was Roscon Scholarship Foundation which was amended in 2002 to delete the word scholarship because a lot of other programs were added. By 2002, there were fourteen collegiate scholars at the Foundation and the year after, a director added the special education project to its regular activities. This director spent time to mentor special needs children and worked with the Fort Worth ISD to provide special lessons to these children. The thought of opening up a school for disadvantaged children came up during this year but was set aside due to budget restraints. In 2006, applied research was added into its activities and two volunteers, both geophysicists, were hired to help the Mangyans in Coron, Palawan, to install water reservoirs from moisture dripping out of mountain sides. This was a joint project with Ayala Foundation and the University of the Philippines. Despite Coron’s image as a top tourist destination, most of its residents live in poverty and have no access to water or healthcare. This is especially true to the indigenous Tagbanua and Mangyan tribes. The joint project was able to initiate the construction of conveyors from the mountain basins to a water depot which the villagers accessed for their water needs. Community-based resource management (CBRM) took over the project and worked with non-governmental organizations in the community to further improve and maintain the project. Roscon moved its focus on other activities in 2007-2008. By this time, four scholars already graduated from heir collegiate courses and three Aeta scholars taking up Education were adopted into the program. By 2011, these scholars passed their board examinations and got absorbed into the educational system in Luzon.Some of these scholars discovered Roscon through its website and applied directly to the Foundation.